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Slots were introduced to entertain casino visitors that didn’t want to play «serious» table games. But now slot machines bring the most revenue for casinos worldwide and anyone can enjoy this simple game. Slots are fun, because they are easy to play and don’t have any special rules involved. Jackpots are payed out by the machine, and all you have to do is to place your bet and pull the handle. The rest — is pure luck. So if you want to take your chances and put your luck to the test — slots are the best way of doing it!

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Types of Slots

No matter what design or number of reels there are in a slot machine, there are basically two variations of slots games: straight and progressive. There are different variations of these two, but generally these are two types that you will find in any casino, be it online or in real world. The main difference between straight and progressive slots is the way the jackpot is calculated.

Progressive slot machines have a constantly increasing amount of jackpot, which results from the number of coins you have played. In case you are playing a linked slot machine, the amount of jackpot is comprised of the over number of coins played in the entire network (and there can be hundreds of machines there). The amounts of jackpot you can win playing progressive slots are impressive. On the other hand, the chances of you hitting the jackpot are very low, because there are many players in the same network competing for the prize.

Straight slots in that sense are much simper. You play all by yourself and the sum of jackpot is predetermined by the machine. Your chances of winning are fairly high if compared to progressive slots, but the jackpot itself is very low.


Slot Machine Odds

No matter what symbols you see on the reels of the slot machine you are playing, the only thing that matter is how many symbols there are on each reel. And how many reels there are in the machine. The less reels there are and less symbol on each, the higher is the probability of your win.

Let’s take that you have to get three lemons in the payline to hit the jackpot. Taking the case that you are playing a 3-reel slot machine and there are 18 symbols on each reel, the chances of you winning are:

All possible combinations in the machine: 18 x 18 x 18 = 5,832
The probability of hitting the jackpot: 1/5,832 (1 in 5,832)

When playing a 5-reel slots game with the same number of symbols per reel a simple math calculation shows that your chances of hitting the jackpot are:
1/ (18 x 18 x 18 x 18 x 18) = 1,889,568 ( 1 in 1,889,568 )

As you can see, the chance of winning dramatically decreases by having just two additional reels in the machine. Sometimes, the more reels the machine has, the higher is the jackpot. Yes, it may be quite thrilling but be sure to do the math first and see what are your chances with each slot machine.


History of Slots

The first slot machine with three reels in it was invented in 1895 by car mechanic Charles Fey in 1895. This machine was called the Liberty Bell and had diamond, spade and heart symbols on each reel, with an additional broken liberty bell symbol, from where the machine got its name. The machine became so huge, that Charles Fey wasn’t able to keep up with the demand even when his own state banned gambling. Many have offered Fey to sell his production and distribution rights, but he refused. And that has led to the creation of Operator Bell, which was actually a modification of the Liberty Bell with the famous fruit symbols introduced to the reels.

In 1930’s the industry has moved away from the original iron design that made the machines very heavy, and introduced wood boxes. During that period, there were also new designs introduced to the layout of the machines to make them more attractive and memorable.

But it was only in the mid 1960’s when a fully automatic slot machine was introduced, that was able to operate and perform payouts without the help of an attendant.


Slot Machines: Online vs Offline

When slot machines have first made it online, they are so different from what you were used to in land-based casinos, that online slots seemed like a completely new game. But today, with the development of the Internet and online casinos, you can’t actually think of a difference between real and online slot machines.

Both online slots and their land-based predecessors operate using the same RNG principles. So the game itself is completely identical. Whether you push the spin button online or pull the handle at a land casino, there will be exactly the same process going on inside the machine, and your odds of winning will be the same too. Online casinos give you the chance to play free slots by using virtual coins. Unless, you choose to play paid online slots, where the coins have the exact same value of real casino coins. Another pro-online aspect is that you can play slots for as much and whenever you like, when with real slots you’ll have to travel to a casino.

Playing slots online will cost you less than playing land-based slot machines. Why is that? Because you don’t have to spend any on traveling to a gambling site and can enjoy slots right at your home. Another aspect is that online slots have higher payout percentage compared to real slots. This is because online casinos have far lower costs of operation than their real-world counterparts and can offer their players higher chances of winning.

One really big difference between online and offline slots is that you won’t be offered a free meal when playing online. But online casinos have made steps to substitute this advantage and reward regular players by other means. For example, some online casinos have points accumulated with your every game, which you can then redeem as casino coins. Other online casinos even offer real merchandise for the points you have accumulated.

In what concerns progressive jackpots online casinos cannot yet compare to the tens of millions of dollar jackpots paid out at offline casino. But still there are some really big wins available online too, with nearly 2 million jackpot being hit at an online progressive slot machine once. Smaller amounts of money (tens of thousands) are won at a regular basis, with numerous online slots being linked in major progressive jackpot networks. The main advantage of online casinos regarding progressive slots is that you receive your win in a single installment. In land-based casinos a big jackpot is usually divided in smaller sums that are paid out on a timely basis.

Slot Machine Terminology

Slots terminology can be confusing to some. That’s why we have gathered all the terms related to slots and slots gambling. Regardless of whether you play free slots online or are a fan of progressive slots in land casinos, these terms will be very helpful.

Bet Max
This button places the highest amount of coins allowed by the machine

Bonus Feature
Any possible way of winning besides the typical payline combinations

Bonus Video Slot
A video slot machine that has a bonus feature. There are may different features, but the most common most common are pick a box, free spins and wheel or fortune game style.

Buy A Pay
A slot machine with multiple pay tables. With any additional coin played, you activate an additional pay tables. Consider max bets.

Interface of any slot machine that lets you interact with it.

Currency used buy the slot machines to place bets.

Coin Size
Actual value of the coins used in the machine

Double Up
Typically found in Australian slot machines. Gives you a chance to multiply your win by 2 or 4 by choosing the color or card suit.

Fruit Machine
The UK variation of slot machine that often features additions like the possibility to hold the reels, nudge and play bonus games.

Hi / Low
A feature common for UK slots, which gives you the possibility to to double your win by guessing whether the next number will be lower or higher.

Hit Rate / Frequency
How often the machine pays a winning combination. Is also used to denote the chance of hitting a bonus game.

The area of coin storage inside a real-world slot machine.

The highest win the slot machine can pay

Linked Jackpot
A network of slot machines in different casinos that share the same jackpot. Usually found on progressive slots.

Maximum Bet
The highest amount of coins allowed in the game.

A slot machine that has more than one payline to win.

Pay Line
The line where the combination should line up for you to win.

Pay Out Percentage
The pre-set percentage of bets that will be returned by the slot machine over the long term. Casinos cannot change this percentage.

Pay Table
The chart outlining all th wins payed by the machine.

Slot machines in Australian slang

Progressive Jackpot
Any jackpot that increases while the game is played. A part of every bet is contributed to form the jackpot. Usually met in linked jackpots.

Random Number Generator (RNG)
The chip inside every slot machine that decides when the reels will stop.

The drums inside the slot machine that spin when you press the button or pull the lever. Modern video slots use digital images instead of spinning drums.

Scatter Pay
Typically found on video slots, a pay that wins without having to line up in the payline. Often found on bonus slot machines.

Slot Machine
Any casino game machine that involves reels

The images displayed on the reels in the slot machine. Common symbols are bars, fruits and sevens.

Video Slot
A slot machine using a computer screen instead of physical reels to display the symbols.

Wild Symbol
A symbol that substitutes other symbols. Acts like joker in card games.

Wild Multiplier
A wild symbol that actually multiplies the win it makes a part of.

Winning Combinations
The combinations of symbols that win. Displayed on the pay table.


The growth rates of online slot segment have rocketed sky-high during the past several years and the increase doesn’t seem to stop. Many specialists state that this segment of electronic commerce has become one of the largest among online industries. What does it have to do with a simple player like you? Well, you can be assured that the competition is pretty tough and online casinos will try to give the best they can just to make you play on their site. And this means you are going to get a lot of quality gambling action online!

Guide To Playing Progressive Slots

If you want to hit it really big and get a jackpot that will change your entire life, you have definitely given a spin to progressive slots once or twice. Progressives are probably the only casino game that offer you the chance to hit a really big win (we are talking about millions here) for quiet a small bet amount.

Progressive slots were first introduced in the early 80’s when slots games manufacturers started using microprocessors in slot machines. That’s when they’ve decided to add a feature of a constantly increasing jackpot that would result from the number of the bets placed.

The real breakthrough with progressive slots came in 1986 with the advent of Megabucks — a whole network of slot machines at various sites that all shared a single jackpot. This caused really big jackpots to be accumulated because now there were hundreds and thousands of players contributing to the amount.

Since then, progressive slots have become one of the most played casino games both online and offline. Today, numerous online casinos payout million dollar jackpots on a regular basis.

The idea behind progressive slots is very simple. With each coin placed in the machine and each spin of the reels, there is a percentage of your bet added to the jackpot. On the other hand, the payout percentage in progressives is much lower than in ordinary slots. For example if 5% of your bet are added to the jackpot, this means that the payout is less than 95%. Adding some house percentage from the casino itself will land us with less than a 90% payout.

The key to winning in progressive slots is placing max bets. Why? Because virtually all progressive slots, whether online or land-based, only payout the jackpot when you bet the maximum number of coins. Imagine the disappointment when you hit the winning combination and get nothing in return just because you’ve placed a small bet.

And always keep in mind that playing progressive slots is pure entertainment. If you have a sole purpose of hitting a big jackpot, than you’ll be very disappointed. Have fun while playing the game and you’ll be a winner with every spin.